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Trout & Grayling Fishing In Nidderdale

Nidderdale Angling Club controls around 7 miles of fishing on the River Nidd and Scar House Reservoir. Fishing is centred around the pretty village of Pateley Bridge, in the Yorkshire Dales. The River Nidd has a good population of both wild and stocked Brown Trout and wild Grayling. Scar House Reservoir, located at the very head of Nidderdale, is an upland wild Brown Trout fishery. Flyfishing and bait fishing (using float or ledger) are allowed on the club's waters, although some areas are restricted to flyfishing only.

Nidderdale Angling Club is justifiably proud of its long history and traditions. The club was formed in 1897 by a group of local anglers in the Old Oak Inn, in the village of Low Laithe, near Pateley Bridge. Today the club is still providing fine Brown Trout and Grayling fishing for local and visiting anglers, and with a constitution that looks to continue this for future generations by good fishery management and by adopting rules, by-laws, and policies that encourage angling practices sympathetic to the conservation of fish species native to the river. As such we...

Nidderdale is designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and borders the Yorkshire Dales National Park. There are many attractions in the area for all the family, e.g. Brimham Rocks, Fountains Abbey, How Stean Gorge, Nidderdale Museum...


Membership of Nidderdale Angling Club is available for local anglers
Download an Application Form

Local Members Subscription 2018/19



Adult £60 £20
(16-18 years)
£12 £7
(up to 16 years)
Free of charge
(after 10 years membership)
Free of charge

Season tickets are available for anglers not classed as local
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Season Tickets 2018/19



Adult £105 £40
(16-18 years)
£20 £7
(up to 16 years)
Free of charge
(after 10 years membership)
£35 N/A

The club's constitution states: "Qualification for membership shall be voting residence within the area of the old Pateley Bridge Union". This is a rule dating back to the formation of Nidderdale Angling Club in 1897. Interesting information about the history of the Old Pateley Bridge Union can be found here: http://www.workhouses.org.uk/PateleyBridge

Please note that it is the applicant's age as of 31st March which shall be applicable.

  • New junior members and season ticket holders will need to complete an application form and be approved by the General Committee.
  • Members and season ticket holders can purchase day tickets for a guest, allowing them to fish all the club waters if accompanied by the member.
  • Subscriptions are to be paid by 31st May.
  • Subscriptions can now be paid by bank transfer. Please contact the Membership Secretary to obtain the club's bank details.
  • All enquires regarding membership should be addressed to:-
  • The Membership Secretary
    Nidderdale Angling Club
    18 Grange Road
    Dacre Banks
    HG3 4HA


Visitor day tickets for Scar House Reservoir & designated sections of river (see maps).

Day/Guest Tickets 2018/19



Senior £15 £40
(up to 16 years)
£5 £15
  • A map and list of rules are issued with all day tickets.
  • Please note that day tickets are only available from 1st April until 28th February. Fishing after 30th September is for Grayling only.
  • Full members may purchase guest tickets for the same price as day tickets. Their guests are permitted to fish all of the club waters but must be accompanied by the full member.
  • Day/guest tickets are available from the following outlets:-
    • Summerbridge Stores, Summerbridge
    • Pet Pad, High Street, Pateley Bridge
    • The Royal Oak, Dacre Banks
    • Spar, 7 High Street, Pateley Bridge
    • How Stean Gorge Scar House Cafe

Tickets during the Grayling season can only be purchased from these outlets.


A brief summary Nidderdale Angling Club's rules (all dates are inclusive).
Download the full club constitution, rules and by-laws

Fishing Seasons

  • The trout season starts on April 1st or Good Friday, whichever is earlier, and closes on 30th September.
  • Day tickets are available from 1st April to 28th February.
  • The grayling season starts on 16th June and closes at the end of February following.

Bag Limits

  • The bag limit is 2 fish per day.
  • Blue Spot Brown Trout (stocked fish) may be taken over the size limit of 12" (30.5cm) - click here for example
  • All wild Brown Trout (no blue spot) and Grayling are to be released except at Scar House reservoir where 2 wild Brown Trout over 12" (30.5cm) may be taken.

Fishing Methods

  • All river fishing will be with barbless or de-barbed hooks
  • The following methods are permitted on club waters:
    • Float, ledger & fly. Natural minnow is permitted between 1st July and 30th September (Natural minnow is not allowed at Scar House Reservoir at any time).
    • Bait fishing is permitted on all lengths except the two "fly only" lengths at Glasshouses and Low Green (see maps).
    • Ground baiting is strictly prohibited on all club waters.

    Between 1st October and the end of February the Glasshouses length can be fished with bait.

  • The following methods are banned on club waters:-
    1. Swim or float feeders.
    2. Keep nets.
    3. Double and treble hooks.
    4. Single hooks larger than size 12 except when Mayfly or Czech Nymph fishing, when a size 10 will be permitted.
    5. Lead shot.
    6. Spinners, artificial minnows and treble hooks.


  • Juniors under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times who must stay in close proximity and will be responsible for the behaviour of the junior.
  • All anglers must carry:-
    1. Membership card, season ticket or day ticket.
    2. A valid E.A. rod licence.
    3. A means of measuring fish.
    4. A landing net, disgorger or forceps and a means of cutting line.
    5. NAC car parking ticket to be displayed in all designated car parking areas.
  • All anglers must produce, when asked by a bailiff or fellow angler, their membership card, season ticket or day ticket.
  • Avoid discarding litter.
  • 2 guest tickets per member, per day are available allowing the guest/s to fish all of the club waters. Guests must be accompanied by the member or season ticket holder at all times.


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Nidderdale Angling Club
18 Grange Road
Dacre Banks

Tel: 01423 711822
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